Toothy Tots

Toothy Tots Encourage Happy Healthy Teeth

Meet the Toothy Tots!

Meet your new Toothy Tot friend, sent from the Tooth Fairy!

You may have been under the impression that the Tooth Fairy does her job alone, but the truth is she has magical friends that help her every day! The Tooth Fairy has a team of helpers that live with her on the Isles of Smiles and now she wants to send every boy and girl a Toothy Tot of their very own!

Did you know that every well brushed and flossed tooth is full of magical powers called Twinkle Sprinkles? Twinkle Sprinkles give the Tooth Fairy the power she needs to fly around the world collecting teeth and leaving surprises in return. Toothy Tot helpers are sent to you to help you take care of your teeth by reminding you to eat well and to brush and floss two times a day! Every tooth that isn't so clean and healthy goes to the GUNKYARD (oh no!), and the Tooth Fairy won't get any Twinkle Sprinkles, which means she gets tired easily and will lose her fairy strength!

She is counting on you to keep your smile sparkly clean!

Toothy Tots are very sweet and quiet. They won't make a fuss and will always remain your loyal friend. Take your Toothy Tot with you wherever you go!  When you lose a baby tooth, keep it safe under your Toothy Tot's hat. Your Toothy Tot will be sure to let the Tooth Fairy know when it's time to come and fetch it!

Bring your very own Toothy Tot home today and keep those lovely magical teeth coming my way!